Monday, March 14, 2005

OK, this one is sort of for the folks who code up their own web sites. OSWD stands for Open Source Web Design.

You've probably heard the term "open source" before, but this is kind of different. When you hear about Linux, Apache, or Firefox being open source, it means that if you are a programmer, you can potentially understand and modify the software product.

But, OSWD is basically a web site of templates for web pages. You know how you have a word processor, with pre-built templates? That's what these are, for web sites. People create designs and post them to OSWD.

I think I particularly like this web site because I would typically start a web site design by viewing the source of some other web site that I like. By using OSWD templates, I'm not really taking someone elses hard work without permission. Rather, I'm using a resource that is provided for anyone to use.

Most or all of these templates are text based, meaning that they do not use GIF or JPEG files as part of the design. They depend on tables or cascading style sheets for web site layout.

If you design web sites, take a look!

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