Friday, March 04, 2005


WYCE is a community radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've never lived in Grand Rapids, but a friend used to be a programmer there, as a volunteer. The radio station runs with very little money, most or all from donations. In other words, little or no advertisements.

The music is Folk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Worldbeat -- all in one place. The programmers get to play what they want during their shift, so it's hard to know what you will listen to. They do have a programmer's schedule on their web site.

You'll need Real Audio to listen to the music online, but it's great music!

The web site contains a lot of information about various artists being played at the station as well as local concert schedules, if you live near Grand Rapids.

Please take a look! If you like to listen to them, consider a donation!

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