Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Annual Credit Report

I heard about this on NPR yesterday. In an effort to reduce identity fraud, there is a new law that provides a free credit report to everyone, once per year. You can do this using the web site

I tried this web site out. Basically, you enter in your personal information, like address, social security number, etc. Then, this information is sent over to the 3 credit agencies. I think you have the option of just using one or two of them, if you want.

I have to tell you, although it is interesting to read your own credit report, it is more than a little unsettling to be entering in private information into any web site. I mean, I'm sure that they try to be as secure as possible. But, giving away personal information, in order to help prevent identity theft? I really hope that they have good security measures in place.

Each of the credit agencies have various questions that they ask, to try to insure that you are who you are. I don't know about you, but it's tough to remember what street address I lived on, 15 years ago... So, it's a little painful, but if you have any questions about what your credit reports say, it's free, and it is interesting.

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