Thursday, February 24, 2005


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. The Wiki part of the name comes from a term used for a web sites where the users of the web page can add content to that web site. Therefore, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, where the entire user base of the internet can add content.

This is one of those great web sites, an accomplishment that is created out of the collected whole. Recently, Google has offered to host this site on their servers for free -- no strings attached (meaning, no ads). One more reason why I like Google...

Wikipedia has a lot of advantages over a traditional encyclopedia, in that it is much more current. You are likely to find information there about words that are jargon in nature. Actually, the word encyclopedia may be putting you off, thinking of that row of books on the book shelf that nobody uses.

Wikipedia is a really fun web site, full of all kinds of useful tidbits of information. Go take a look. If you really like it, give them a donation. It’s a free site, but servers still cost money.

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