Thursday, February 17, 2005

Picasa 2

Google bought this company Picasa a while ago, and I didn't really understand why. How does it fit in with online search? I didn't really get it.

But now, they have version 2 of the Picasa software available, and it's free. Picasa is a program to help you organize your photos. Or maybe images is a more correct term. I've used iPhoto on the iMac for doing this kind of thing, but I think that Picasa is the right product for the Windows user. Adobe has a product called Photoshop Album, for Windows, but it's about fifty bucks.

Click on the link above to find out everything Picasa can do. If you're not managing your photos with some kind of software, and you have Windows, I think it's worth a download to take a look at it.

Oh yeah, back to how it fits in with search. Picasa will search your local hard drives for all images, and then you can easily scan through your images to be able to find them. So, it's the search thing, for images on your hard disk.

And it's by Google, one of my favorite companies...

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