Wednesday, February 23, 2005

SmartSync Pro

These days, hard disks are cheap. So I came upon this little Windows utility that makes backing up my important data easy and automatic. It's called SmartSync Pro.

In my situation, I simply purchased an external hard disk that connects to my Windows laptop via Firewire (or i.Link, in Sony-talk). This software should work with any Zip, Jaz, or external hard disk that you want, hooked up any way that you want. I think it even works with network drives and so-on as well.

The concept is pretty simple, it just copies the files from My Documents or any other folder locations that you designate to this other drive. And it does this when Windows is booting up, or shutting down, or other designated times like each day, or once per hour, etc. It compares the files, to see if they have changed, and if they have, it copies them on over.

This is one of those programs that I really like, because I don't really have to interface with it. After configuration, it just runs. It does it's job, over and over again.

Nobody really wants to back up a hard drive, so get a piece of software that does it for you, automatically.

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