Thursday, March 10, 2005

Google News

Are you a news junky? If so, maybe you already know about Google News. Google does not have any news editors. They simply go find news from a bunch of news sources, then organize them automatically based on the popularity of that news item, the news source, and who knows how many other variables.

Well, they just added a new feature. You can customize the news page, so the news that you really want to read is where you want it! It's a slick feature, and seems to work pretty well.

And while you're on the page, you might want to check out the News Alert link on the left side. Basically, you can have an e-mail message sent to you about a specific news topic, as it happens.

Google News is still considered "beta", but it's been around for a year or two, so I think it's pretty solid.

Check it out!

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