Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dingle and Beara Peninsula - Ireland

In July of 2004, I visited Ireland for the 2nd time. I've just posted photos of the Dingle Peninsula, the town of Dingle, and the Beara Peninsula. After clicking the link, click on Ireland 2004.

This is a home page built using .Mac and iPhoto. Apple runs .Mac as a subscription service, and hosting a web site with photographs is just one part of that subscription. I took these photos with my Canon Elph, a small little 4 Meg camera.

Some of the photos are of a stone circle that I found, in a field, on the Beara Peninsula. It's not Stonehenge, but it was pretty cool to walk around and think about how old it is. It was a beautiful setting.

Dingle is my favorite town in Ireland, thus far. If you ever go to Dingle, make sure you stop by Dick Mack's Pub (It's across from the church). I also recommend Benners Hotel, on Main Street.

The Dingle Peninsula is a great place for hiking, biking, archaeology, and even swimming!

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