Friday, March 11, 2005


I have to confess that this product was instrumental in my purchasing decision to buy a Mac to use for web site publishing. I knew that would probably want some Adobe products, which I could get for Windows or the Mac. I read a lot of articles that said that a Mac was more of a natural fit for web site development. I didn't really believe that. But, I kept running across references to BBEdit -- and it was only available on the Mac.

You see, I'm one of those old fashioned kind of web site developers. I code the HTML by hand. Well, OK, maybe not for this web site, where I'm using Blogger. But, most of the time, I code by hand. In Windows, I used Notepad to edit HTML pages...

BBEdit is a dream for this kind of thing, and it keeps getting better. Now at version 8, the editor has a ton of new features. You see, these guys have to keep up with the latest HTML, XHTML, CSS, Perl, Unicode... Well, you get the picture. Maybe you don't understand all of these acronyms, but if you code up web pages, you've at least heard of them.

Like any other word processor or editor out there, I probably use about 10% of this products capabilities. But, I really like the parts that I use. I highly recommend BBEdit!

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