Tuesday, June 21, 2005


One of the cool movies that I saw over at Waterfront Film Festival this year is called Novem. I've always been a fan of nearly any movie with a great soundtrack, and this movie falls into that category.

Basically, a college kid buys this box of stuff at a garage sale. Inside is an old movie reel about some kids in the 70s cutting some songs, along with the actual music recordings. The band is composed of 9 college aged kids, who go to a studio in the country, sit around campfires, practice music, and of course, record it.

The whole movie is set up like a documentary of an actual event, which completely caught me by surprise. The music is good, and the entire movie idea is very original. The music is all free on the web site, which is really setup to promote the indie film.

So, download and enjoy! It's even legal!

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