Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Systernals Freeware

If you work in the Windows world, like I do, there are times when you need some little utility to help you get over a rough spot. That's not to say that you might not need the same thing in Linux or on a Mac, but most of us use Windows. That's where Systernals Freeware comes in.

These guys are real Windows gurus. They have found legitimate bugs in Windows, telling Microsoft the details of what is going on. They actually teach Microsoft employees!

These tools can be pretty advanced, so I'm guessing that the audience would be people in your IT department, or someone in computer programming. The utilities help you find out what is going on, and can be very helpful in finding a problem.

Why freeware? Well, I think it's kind of like advertising for the software that they sell, over at Systernals gives you a taste of what these guys can do, and Winternals gives you the packaged products that your boss can buy for you.

Take a look!

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