Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Tiger is the code name for the latest version of Mac OSX 10.4, due out this Friday!

Apple has supposedly put more than 200 new features into the OS. Reading through the list, I think anyone who is already using Mac OSX will find something that they want. These days, with so many applications included as part of an operating system, you will probably want to update the OS for just browsing the internet or doing e-mail.

The big new feature is the new Spotlight feature. This is desktop searching, which basically means that it looks for text inside of nearly every file format on your hard disk. This should help all of us find customer names inside of documents and so-on, and from everything that I've read, this will be a great new feature!

There is also this thing called Dashboard, which will have these little widget programs to access specific information on the internet, like the weather or stock quotes. For any of you who have played with Konfabulator -- it's a lot like that...

Safari adds RSS support (news feeds). iChat AV adds multi video conferencing. Automator looks like a simple way to do Applescripting. Quicktime 7 is improved with High Definition features. .Mac Sync is improved. Mail is improved. On and on...

I've got it on order, so I'll try to let you know what I think, after playing for a while!

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