Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Do you have Tivo?

I do not have Tivo yet. I know, I should probably have it by now. I'm close. I recently bought a new HD TV for home, so I'm just about ready for Tivo. But, I've been reading a lot of news about them lately...

First, let me just explain that Tivo is a digital video recorder. It's a box, and it's a service. Instead of recording to a VCR tape, it records to a hard disk. It records what you want it to, and it even guesses at shows that you might want to watch. Everyone who has one thinks it's very cool.

The problem is, a lot of companies have DVRs now. It is no longer unique. The top executives at the company have quit. Direct TV is no longer going to do Tivo. But, Comcast did just sign some kind of deal with them. Regardless, they are a hurting company, ripe for a takeover.

The rumor is, it might be Yahoo or Google. Wow! Both of these search engine giants are moving into the video space, with video searching. Having a box hooked up to a TV seems like a nice fit -- maybe.

But, watch out! Apple has some rumors of their own. That new Mac Mini? Some think it will evolve into some kind of DVR thing, sometime after Tiger ships (later this month). Maybe we'll be able to buy and download movies, like we do with music...

Anyway, I don't know which rumors might be real. But, I've decided to wait and see for a while, before making a purchase...

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