Thursday, April 21, 2005

Google's My Search History

The folks at Google keep on making new stuff. This one, in my humble opinion, is sort of a catch-up thing. Something other sites are already doing, so now Google is doing it too. It's called My Search History.

Your search history already exists in your browser, but what if you use more than one? On my Mac, I switch between Safari and Firefox. On my Windows computer I use Firefox and Internet Explorer. And I have a Mac at home...

I almost always use Google though, regardless if I'm using my computers or maybe a computer at a cyber-cafe. And now, I can keep my history in one place, on some Google servers. I have been using for this same kind of thing, but I'm not happy with the "Google enhanced" search results there. Sometimes, I think the servers get too busy. I still like, but not for my primary search page.

The search is pretty simple. You need to "login", because the search data is stored on their servers, for your eyes only. You can put your search history on "pause", if you want to do some private searches. And, you can delete your entire search history at any time. In the history itself, you can see searches where you didn't click, or what you did click if you did. My only wish would be to be able to specifically edit the history, delete a few things, from time to time. Or delete the old stuff, and keep the newer stuff.

Anyway, just one more reason to Google!

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