Friday, May 20, 2005

New Google Home Page

Google has a new feature, over in Google Labs, called Personalize Your Home Page.

Now, you can have various things on your home page, like the first few e-mail's in you gMail inbox, various news items, the weather, movies, and so-on. Think of this as little widgets to display when you hit your home page button (if Google is your home page).

Now, I have a little Google menu showing up across the top right corner, with my e-mail address (after I've logged in), Classic Home, My Search History, My Account, and Sign Out. This is all pretty good, but I'm a little surprised that this menu is not tighter, with simpler wording.

The e-mail address is good, but if it's a gMail account, then I should be able to click on it to get to my gMail page. Instead of Classic Home, I think I would have a switch down below, next to the personalized news, weather and so-on, that simply reads "turn off" or something. History would be better than My Search History, Account is better than My Account, and I guess Sign Out is OK.

It just strikes me that for a company that used to stay within a certain number of words on the home page, that they are getting pretty wordy with the menu. But, of course, this is all in beta right now, so I'm sure it will get better.

Check it out!

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