Tuesday, March 29, 2005


OK, so maybe you think you have all the gadgets you need in life. You've got the Moto cell phone, a few iPods of various sizes, an old Palm-based something or other, a Tivo, and so-on. But, you probably don't have a Swash yet.

What is a Swash? From the web site:

"A Swash is a high-tech toilet seat (also known as a seat bidet) that utilizes two retractable water wands to provide a fresh and hygienic cleansing of posterior and feminine areas. A Swash actually replaces your conventional toilet seat. Better than a conventional toilet seat, it has a heated seat and delivers a warm water wash with temperature, pressure, and pulsation adjustability. All functions are easily operated at the push of a button through side-mounted controls (Swash 400) or through a remote control (Swash 600)."

I don't own one of these, so I can't really comment on the "cool" factor (or warmth, I guess). But, I will say that I have heated seats in my car, and it's one of my favorite features...

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